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What grade levels is the Super U! Challenge appropriate for?

Super U! Challenge can be presented for audiences of Kindergarten through 8th grade. Many schools choose to do two performances (one for their younger grades, one for their older grades) in a day, but the format of the show also makes it appropriate and fun as an “all school” assembly.

Can the Super U! Challenge only be presented as a school assembly presentation?

The Super U! Challenge is very popular as a school assembly, but it can also makes a great family night for parental involvement, or as a unique entertainment option at festivals and community events.

How long does the show run?

The show runs 45 minutes for school assemblies and family nights. For festivals, community events and other presentations outside of schools, the show length varies from 30-45 minutes depending on the performance setting. The show is fast-paced and high energy, so even the youngest audience member (and older kids with short attention spans) will be engaged from beginning to end.

Is the show messy? We are worried about the “slime”!

Super U! Challenge is designed for schools, and we promise that it is 100% mess-free. The game show style “slime” in the show is specially created for the show to give the “illusion” of messiness (which students love), but keep the students and the school completely dry and clean (which teachers and principals love). As he prepares for the “slime challenge”, the show host even works in a message about “respecting property” and points out to the audience that he wants to leave the school as clean as it was when he got there.

How much space does the show require?

Ideally, the show needs a performance space that is a minimum of 16 feet from the back wall to the first row of audience, and 24 feet across. Most gyms, cafeterias, auditoriums, and our favorite “cafetoriums” have more than enough space for the assembly program. The show can usually be adjusted to fit smaller spaces, so if you think space may be tight, let us know we you call to book and we will work something out. See “Preparing For SuperU!” page for more information about set-up.

What do we have to provide for the show?

All the Super U! Challenge needs to put on a great show is a performance space and an audience ready to have fun (you may want to put out a few chairs for the teachers too…it makes them happy). The program travels with everything else, including a sound system and backdrops.

How many schools has the Super U! Challenge worked with?

Since 2009, the Super U! Challenge has been presented as a school assembly show in over 500 schools across the United States. Check out the reviews page to see what they are saying about this assembly program.

Where does the show travel?

Super U! Challenge travels mainly to Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania, but occasionally tours other states for special school bookings and events. For the 2013-14 school year, a limited number of dates are available for California school assemblies.

Are any discounts available?

Discounts are available for schools that are flexible on dates and can book on a date when the show will already be traveling to their area. Significant discounts are also given when the Super U! Challenge is presented as a school assembly at multiple buildings in the same district.

How to we book a show?

The fastest way to check available dates and get pricing information is to call our super friendly booking manager at (586)913-3036 or fill out our contact form.

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Super U! Challenge is available for performance bookings exclusively through Midwest School Shows, a leading provider of educational and entertaining performances for schools.



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